France Church
Seine River France Church Cathedral France

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like other European nations, is a phenomenon born out of conscious striving rather than from the natural affinity of its parts. Conflict has characterized it throughout its history. Read this Extract
Eiffel Tower

On its completion in 1889, the Tower of Eiffel was, at 300m, the tallest building in the world. At the time, it incited some violent reactions. [1]. Read Eiffel Paris
Arc de Triomphe

"The Arc de Triomphe is 2.2km north west of place de la Concorde in the middle of place Charles de Gaulle (also known as place de I'Etoile), the world's largest Read Arc De Triomphe Paris
Main Land Region

French is blessed with fertile soil and a pleasant climate. A great diversity of land forms exist: snow capped mountain ranges, broad plains, dense forests, windblown seacoasts, Read Geography
History: Early Settlers, The Middle Ages,

Two themes dominate French history. One is the drive to forge a unified nation out of diverse peoples; the second is the quest for glory. French wanted, and still wants, to embody Read History

The word impressionists was first used mockingly by a journalist to describe a painting by Claude Monet in 1874 entitled Impression: Sunrise. Many artists recognized their style in Read Impressionism
French People: Napoleon Bonaparte

The Reign of Terror came to an end in 1799 when a brilliant young general named Napoleon Bonaparte arrived in Paris determined to restore order. A great politician and popular leader, Read People
French Language, Literature, Culture

Because It was once a strong colonial power, many countries in Africa and Indochina still use French as an official language. Since 1986, French speaking countries Read French Language, Culture
Louvre Museum

"The vast Palais du Louvre was constructed around 1200 as a fortress and rebuilt in the mid 16th century for use as a royal palace. It began its career as a public museum in 1793. Read Louvre
Mont Saint Michel

An isolated piece of granite rises out of the sea. This island stands at the mouth of the river Couesnon and lies on the border between Brittany Read Mont Saint Michel
History Of Notre Dame Cathedral Of Paris

"The Cathedral of Our Lady of Paris , is the true heart of Paris, NotreDame is not only a masterpiece of French Gothic architecture, Read this Extract
Musee d'Orsay Paris

Close to the Musee Maillol on the riverfront, in a former railway station whose stone facade disguises a huge vault of steel and glass, is the Musee d'Orsay, Read Musee d'Orsay

Because France was once a strong colonial power, many countries in Africa and Indochina still use French as an official language. Since 1986, French speaking countries have come Read Language
French River, Climate, Flora and Fauna

France's important rivers include the Loire, the Seine, the Rhone, the Garonne, the Rhine, the Somme, the Saone, and the Marne. The Loire is the longest french river entirely Read this Extract
The Search for Stable Government

After Napoleon's defeat, Austrian, Prussian, Russian, French and British delegates reorganized Europe during the Congress of Vienna (1814-1815) and restored the French borders Read this Extract

The early nineteenth century witnessed the musical genius of Hector Berlioz and Chopin. The inventor of modern orchestration, Berlioz's works sparked a musical rebirth in France. Read this Extract

The perfume industry in France has flourished since King Louis XIV's reign. The Sun King and his courtiers did not take much care of their personal hygiene. Read this Extract

Each region in France has its food specialties, based on the produce available. In general, the cuisine of the north uses butter and dairy products, while southern dishes Read this Extract
Fish Recipe: Mullet with a Mustard Crust

Nothing could be easier than this fish recipe, Rouget a la Moutarde, but it is important that the fish is fresh from the sea to retain that perfect flavour. Read this Extract

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